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Hello guys, my name is Puja! I am 21 years old (the youngest sibling)! My career field is marketing with a concentration of digital marketing, and I am minoring in business law. In my everyday life, my main focus is to inch closer to completing my goals and pushing myself to be the best possible version of myself. The things I find interesting is fashion, fitness, beauty, and travel! 

These are the reasons why: 


Since I am in college, I am on a student budget. I always use hacks and try different techniques to make my clothes stand out more. 

Fitness and beauty go hand in hand for me. I go to the gym to improve myself; however, the main key is to love and accept yourself before you step foot in the gym. Beauty comes from within, and the gym makes you feel better and confident! 

These are just a few aspects of my life. Stay tuned to see my journey! 

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