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Reading with Roshni - The Nightingale

Written by: Roshni

One of my favorite hobbies is reading, so of course I want to share my opinions on the books I've read with you guys!

One of the books I have recently read is "The Nightingale" by Kristen Hannah. As I was reading it became one of my favorite books. The book's setting is in France during World War II. It's based on two sisters who are trying their best to survive the Nazi occupation in France. The beginning is a little slow as it builds on the characters and also because the book has the POV from two different characters. However, after the first few chapters I could not put the book down. I kid you not guys, I finished it in two days. If I could I would have read all 440 pages in one day but I had work the next day so had to put it down and get some sleep, sigh. The best thing about the Nightingale is that Hannah, incorporated stories of real women who were in the Resistance during World War II.

The emotional storyline and plot twists had me not wanting the book to end. The Nightingale left me thinking about how I personally would act if I were to be in the situation these two sisters were in. The amount of courage both characters had was astonishing and this book will always be in my top 5 book recommendations. Let me know if you guys have read or are thinking about reading this book in the comments below :)


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