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Picking my major/profession!

Written by: Puja

Edited by: Roshni

I can’t believe that I am entering my last year of college! I remember when I was trying to decide which field I wanted to go into, especially my major, it was a tough decision. My sisters and most of my family members are in the medical field, and when I was going into senior year of high school, I thought that I was going to go into the medical field as well.

Deciding which field you are want to go into is a very important decision. I thought about it a lot and realized that I am not interested in the medical field at all, and immediately crossed that off my list. I started doing more research and concluded that I wanted to go into the business field. Right off the bat I already knew I loved Marketing. Marketing is a way of promoting products, goods, or services and seeing which advertising technique works.

Sophomore year of college came along and I added a concentration. The concentration I decided to add was digital marketing! Usually, people get traditional marketing and digital marketing confused so I want to break it down for you guys:

Traditional Marketing is promoting products through:

  • Newspapers

  • The Radio

  • Mail

  • Magazines

  • Televison

  • Billboards

Digital Marketing is promotion products through:

  • Snapchat

  • Instagram

  • Facebook

  • Youtube Ads and Videos

  • Game Ads

  • Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Email

  • Blogging

  • Yahoo

  • Google and many other search engines

Having marketing as my major and my concentration as digital marketing is very beneficial because I can use either digital or traditional techniques. Digital marketing is simple, easier to reach to consumers and more cost-efficient than traditional marketing. However, it depends on what you are promoting and who your target market is. Even though traditional and digital marketing are different, they have the same message- to catch the consumer's eye.

These are just a few things about my major! Business field or not, you should always pick a field that you love! My sisters are in the medical field because it's what they are interested in. On the other hand, I am in business since it inspires me. My advice is to just choose what you excites you because it will end up becoming your job! If you have any questions about the marketing field don't hesitate to ask me any questions! :)


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