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Payal's Go-To Skin Care Routine

Written by: Payal

When it comes to skincare- there are over MILLION products and it often becomes confusing to figure out which products to use, when, how, or if you really need it. I would say the first step is to know yourself, are you the type who likes to follow multiple steps or do you like to keep it simple? I can't tell you how many times I have gone to get a facial and was recommended X,Y,Z products that will help and yes, I bought them but no, I did not find myself using everything. I realized that I do not like having too many steps and prefer my routine to be simple so I can be consistent.

Also, understand your skin type and be aware that your skin does change, sometimes seasonally, as you get older, or even when you move. My skin went from "normal/oily," to "normal/dry," especially, after I moved to California. I just turned 30 this year so my skin care routine incorporates products that help prevent wrinkles *eek*! I am not a skincare pro but I usually do research before buying products and I have only listed items that I absolutely love. Here is my morning and night routine.


Step One:

There is a price difference between these two, Tatcha is on the luxury end while Aveeno is on the drugstore end. I love both of them and easily alternate between two. I alternate between these two depending on if I need deep clean with Tatcha (amount of make up I had put on/ being out all day/sweat) or if I just want a simple cleanse with Aveeno- it also depends on if I am feeling a bit boujee (I will use Tatcha).

Step Two:

Face Serum- OleHenriksen Truth Serum- LOVE LOVE LOVE this serum. It is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants which promote collagen and makes this perfect for brightening and firing up the skin. It is super lightweight so sometimes you feel like you didn't put anything on. You only need a little bit and make sure to also apply it on your neck! You let this dry before applying sunscreen.

Step Three:

Eye Cream- OleHenriksen Banana Bright eye cream , also full of collagen- boosters and Vitamin C! This cream also helps to color-correct under eyes. I found that my concealer stayed longer when using this eye cream. I used to use Origin ginzing eye cream but switched to this about six months ago. They both work similarly but I like how this has the extra color-corrector component.

Step Four:

Sunscreen- SuperGoop. Its important to wear sunscreen even if its not sunny out! The UV lights are always hitting your face which can lead to early wrinkles/skin damage. I found that Supergoop is lightweight and does not leave any residue on your face and its friendly enough to put on make up after. I swear by the SuperGoop!

Step Five:

Moisturizer- OleHenriksen Gel Moisturizer, I recently switched to this moisturizer and loving the hydration it provides. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth :)

Step Six (optional)

Hydration Spray- Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Mist, I was recommended to try this spray and I absolutely love the mist and tbh I love to spray it, it just makes feel special haha. It actually smells wonderful, its light but gives you the right amount of hydration and slight dewy appearance! I use it as a setting spray when I apply make up.

Night routine:

Step One:

Cleanser- This step varies depending on if I had put on heavy make up, light make up, no make up, and my mood.

Heavy make up - medium: I will use Farmacy Green Clean balm (this stuff is MAGIC, especially for heavy EYE make up)! Follow it with Tatcha or Aveeno face cleansers I mentioned earlier. I will follow with Garnier Micellar cleansing water.

No make up- go straight to using the Tatcha or Aveeno face cleansers

Feeling lazy to wash my face- Aveeno face wipes and garnier micellar cleansing water

Step Two:

Toner- I didn't understand the hype of toners but it does make a difference. It helps to remove access oil/make up that cleansers leave behind and it also neutralizes your skin's pH level. This helps to combat acne. I use the OleHenriksen Toner.

Step Three:

Eye Serum- same one as morning

Step Four:

Face Oil- Farmacy Honey Grail Face Oil Since my skin is on the dryer side, I use this oil in place of a serum and find my skin feeling hydrated in the AM. This product says it can be used in the AM and PM but it does appear oily so I stick to using it at night. I don't want the oily appearance during the day but love to soak in the benefits of it at night.

Step Five:

Moisturizer- same one as AM

Step Six:

Rose Quartz Roller - I got this is a present from Sweety, Roshni, and Puja! I will be honest- I don't remember to use it every night but its great to have! It helps to depuff undereyes and prevent wrinkles!

Other note worthy skin care products I use here and there:

Farmacy Honey Potion Mask- you have to get used to this because once you apply it, your skin starts to feel warm but it does leave it smooth and hydrated!

Forest Essential Mask- I picked this up on my trip in Udaipur! Its really good stuff, completely Ayurvedic!

Peter Thomas Eye Patches- helps with depuffying and dark circles. I use it once a week!

Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1% Acne Treatment - THIS IS A MUST, this stuff used to be prescription only but now it can be bought over the counter. You apply a thin layer on a new pimple and it dries it up and gets rid of the pimple in half the time!


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