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Earls Kitchen + Bar Review

Written by: Roshni

If you are from Boston or are living in Boston, I want to share with you guys one of my favorite “go to” restaurants, Earls Kitchen + Bar, located in the Prudential Center. This place opened right before I graduated and it has become a staple for me and my friends! We've celebrated birthdays, finishing exams, or gone there just to catch up with each other. It's our “go to,” for the sole reason that we are always guaranteed a good time and we still go to this day.

Earls is a two story restaurant. The downstairs has a cute bar and smaller seating options. Upstairs is larger with expanded seating options for dining, a huge bar, and a big patio. Their dining areas usually require a reservation, especially on the weekends. The bar has high top seating and cozy booths. The best part is their beautiful outdoor patio! Their ambiance is inviting, upscale and classy.

Now that I have raved about their ambiance, let’s talk about the food & drinks! First thing I like to check out is the vegetarian menu. Earl's has you covered with a vast amount of choices and there is something for everyone, they have also added a few plant based dishes that I can’t wait to try. I have tried pretty much everything vegetarian on their menu. My favorite item would have to be their impossible burger. The impossible burger features a plant based patty that takes on the taste of meat while being entirely vegan. The rest of the toppings are the basic lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle but the patty ties everything together! No trip to Earl’s is complete without digging into their garlic and/or truffle fries, (I can go for some right now.) The fries are very yummy and perfect to pick at while catching up with friends over drinks. If this doesn’t convince to go check out Earls, their $6 drink special, which changes every month, will definitely convince you to go! The last few drink specials they've had were sangrias, Moscow mules, mojitos, and cosmos. It’s always exciting to find out what the new drink of the month will be! They also have really yummy non alcoholic drinks as well. Oh, I almost forgot to mention their awesome brunch menu which is a steal at $5 mimosas and $10 dishes. This place overall has an amazing atmosphere with great food, ability to catch up with friends, with the bonus of not putting a big dent in your bank account!

p.s. an additional plus is that there are two Earl's locations in MA, and a few other locations in the US!


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