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College Advice

Written by: Puja

Junior year of college is my hardest year by far. Going into my third year I knew it was going to be difficult, especially when it came down to balancing school, hobbies, working out and my social life. I wanted to share with you all some of my tips and tricks that have helped me out so far!

  • At the start of each semester, I like to look at all my classes and on a calendar, I write down when the assignments are due and when my exams are.

  • Have an agenda- I like to plan out my week (goals for every single day) which helps me with time management

  • Take a lot of in class notes- especially when the material isn’t on the professors slide

  • Have a friend in each class that you can study with - this helps me stay focused on studying

  • Study- the new material you have learned at the end of each day

  • At the end of each week- review all the material you have learned. (This helps so you don't try to learn everything all at once during finals week!)

  • Make sure you have enough sleep- very important, I try not to ever pull all nighters

  • Know your resources- Whenever I don't understand a topic I usually meet with my professor. If that doesn't help I go to the on campus tutors. Never be scared to ask for help!

  • Set your goals high- always strive for A’s and most importantly try your hardest

I hope these tips help you guys as much as they help me!


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