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Hi Everyone! I’m Payal and I am the eldest sister of Life by Four! Although I did not always like being the eldest because of typical older sibling problems (lets face it. your parents are way more strict on you while your younger siblings get away with ANYTHING). Even though growing up the eldest was tough, I am truly grateful for my sisters as I get to guide them and also learn from them!  I am also married to my amazing other half after dating for almost a decade (this is a story itself for another post 💕)!
My husband and I recently moved to California from our home base in Boston! It was a bittersweet transition to leave my family and move to the other side of the country, but we are happy to say that, we have slowly made California our home and are happy we made the change! 
I absolutely LOVE to travel so be sure to look out for my travel trips, tips, advice and itinerary! I am also a big FOODIE and always trying out new recipes, often curated from my favorite food bloggers! Not only will I share my passion for travel and food, but also my personal life experiences including marriage, moving to California and much more!

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