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the sisters behind lifebyfour

Growing up as four sisters, we share a bond that no one else understands (unless you grow up with sisters too). We def have our fair share of World War II arguments but we always have each other's back. The struggle was real when we had to get ready for school in one bathroom, because it had the best mirror!  Or when we would go into each others closets to “borrow” clothes that would conveniently become “lost” and found months later. Our epic car rides, where we take turns to play music and sing along, we sing our hearts out and take the long way home. We have tons and tons of memories together and we are so grateful to have each other. 


The past few years have brought significant changes to our lives. We all lived in Massachusetts up until 2018 when Sweety got married during the summer and moved to Ohio and Payal moved to California at the end of the year. We have never lived so far apart and it's been a challenge not being able to see each other (thankful for facetime)! When we lived together under one roof, we always came up with projects to work on together. From starting our own confectionery business (ChikiBites) to building Roshni’s headboard or cooking new recipes, choreographing dances, making rangolis, just to name a few.


It's tough to do things together as we are geographically far apart, so we came up with the idea to start our own blog! It’s our creative outlet, something we can work on together and share our favorite things with you! You will find fashion inspiration, motivation for staying healthy, yummy recipes, skincare tips, travel guides, pretty much what we would share with each other- we will share with you through the blog. We are so excited to share our shenanigans and adventures with you! Thanks for visiting our page, we hope you find a little bit of sisterhood here! 🥰 


Payal, Sweety, Roshni, Puja

more about each of us:

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